Virtual Whiteboard


This is Part 1 of 2 of what ABCdraw offers here : The ABCdraw Virtual Whiteboard connects Math Specialist and children and help them to build confidence to enjoy learning math. Math Specialist can develop their own course using ABCdraw


  • Teach up to 10 students at a time.
  • Simultaneously write on the whiteboard.
  • Communicate with voice or text.
  • Hand-write with the ABCdraw Pad.
  • Mathematical equation tools.
  • Math Specialist can develop unique course to help talent or challenged children.
  • Save images of your Virtual Whiteboard for future reference.

System Requirements

Works on any Windows system. And ONLY Windows system

Internet connection required.

Skype accounts required for voice communication.


  • Children are able to build confidence and perseverance.
  • Develop their ability to attend to Math lessons.
  • Motivate them to enthusiastically engage in a positive learning environment.
  • Recognize patterns, select appropriate procedures and carry out complex sequences of steps
  • Children acquired all foundational skills for more complex, conceptual work.
  • **This is not going to substitite JUMP or other classroom math teaching, this is to build confidentce for children to enjoy Math **
  • **This is going to build the foundation for every child to enjoy learning Math, it will work the best if the parent is involved **

With the right lesson plan, teachers can turn struggling students into budding mathematicians. The secret is carefully guiding their adventure in numbers.

John Mighton, founder of JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies)


  • This is Part 2 of 2 of what ABCdraw offers here : we develop an interactive CBU based on ABCdraw functionalities with the objective to reach more parents, teachers and children that can enjoy by knowing the value of CBU of JUMP : The confidence that students gain by succeeding in math can bring broader benefits .


  • Taditional math-learning only encourage memorization, for many children that are not interested in memorizing, they are labelled as challenged math learner.
  • Pure discovery-based math lessons can cause cognitive overload and therefore do not work as well as those in which a teacher helps a student to navigate a problem’s complexities.
  • Studies show that JUMP Math, a guided-discovery program, lifts students to much higher levels in math than most standard methods while shrinking the gap between weaker and stronger students. .
  • The confidence that students gain by succeeding in math can bring broader benefits.
  • The sucessful stories here will spread over social media and to reach more parents looking to give their children a boost in math.

System Requirements

  • Works with any touch screen device.
  • Requires Internet connection.
  • Non-touch screen system, Windows is a must, and have to use ABCdraw tablet.


  • Children work on their own pace to build confidence .
  • Parents are involved to make the learning more Fun.
  • Children are well-prepared to learn better in classroom, and enjoy learnign Math.
  • Parents seek advice from Math Specialist if they need additional assistence.

Parents whose children are struggling with math will welcome this accessible CBU based on JUMP CBU. Taking an upbeat approach, Mighton, founder of JUMP argues that we are all born capable of learning anything, including Math.

ABCdraw is not associated nor endorsed by JUMP or John Mighton, we voluteer to develop this platform for more people to know JUMP and to start using JUMP